C V born in 1962 in Plau/Mecklenburg, Germany lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 1986 artistic direction in 1985 from Jürgen Weber Rostock various exhibitions in Germany and abroad
Every moment is new. Waiting for the next impulse. Begin with feeling and an inner tension. Put the first strokes, color planes onto the canvas, paper or something similar and follow my inner feeling, the sensing of a drawing. Initial planes begin to develop, structures and relationships on the surface. The white background is incorporated. A game begins. Gripping, sometimes passionately, I try to follow my feeling, to let it be created in front of me. Often times an initial feeling is lost or mixed up with new, completely unexpected ones that only just came into being. Nothing is preconceived, everything is created in the moment of doing and in relation to the already existing. A high-wire act, where falls sometimes occur. Or circumstances reach gridlock, where I can not go any further and retreat helplessly. Maybe days pass until a continuation becomes possible, and I get the feeling that I can carry on, add something or take something away. I intervene again and again with the narrative of the picture. Throughout this long process of trying and rejecting my inner sound forms its image. Immense joy comes my way once the tension in the picture is solved and the fresh moment is captured. A time of celebratory quietness.